Make America Grateful Again

citizens of America:
restore promise for all
determine the course
confront hardships

gather to transfer:
gracious aid
magnificent ceremony
reaped rewards

share, prosper, protect—
celebrate changes

this moment
belongs to everyone

what matters is not
January 20th, 2017

forgotten men and women—
everyone is listening

a historic movement:
a nation exists
to serve its citizens—
great schools
safe neighborhoods
good jobs
(just and reasonable demands)

a different reality:
trapped in poverty
factories scattered like tombstones
education system leaves
students deprived of knowledge
crime and gangs and drugs
have stolen and robbed
unrealized potential

this carnage stops now:
one nation
one heart
one destiny

an oath of allegiance:
enrich foreign countries
subsidize other countries
defend other nations’ borders

overseas infrastructure
has fallen into disrepair
confidence has disappeared
factories shuttered
and left behind
our middle class—
ripped from their homes
and redistributed

our borders destroy
prosperity and strength—
rebuild with two simple rules:
(1) seek friendship and goodwill
(2) reinforce and unite the world—
total allegiance to our loyalty
to each other

no room for prejudice—
how good when people
live together in unity

we must:
speak our minds openly
debate our disagreements honestly
always pursue solidarity—
protected, living, striving

no longer accept:
all talk and no action—
constantly complaining
but never doing anything

it can be done:
unlock the mysteries of space
free from the miseries of disease
harness the energies of tomorrow

national pride will bleed
the same red blood

children infused
with almighty
voice, hopes,
dreams, destiny,
courage, goodness

and love

we will



Christopher Stolle’s poetry has appeared most recently or is forthcoming in the Tipton Poetry Journal, Flying Island, Branches, Indiana Voice Journal, Black Elephant, Ibis Head Review, Edify Fiction, The Poetry Circus, Smeuse, The Gambler, 1932 Quarterly, Brickplight, Medusa’s Laugh Press, and Sheepshead Review. He works as an acquisitions and development editor for Penguin Random House, and he lives in Richmond, Indiana.