American Borders Decay

We      Together
            face                confront
            carry              order
like ceremony, like tombstones
                                 they belong to everyone
And this,
forgotten           country
demands conviction:
citizens         trapped            rusted-out            scattered body, flush
with drugs     and so much unrealized potential
has one home,                       one
glorious destiny
One by one,
We’ve assembled
stealing breath
            from      tunnels
with American hands
We follow         simple rules:
seek to impose
          shine           as everyone will
open their heart           to patriotism                        make room for prejudice.
God’s people
all but always pursue                       solidarity.
America             America is totally
protected, fear             and we will always be           protected.
empty talk             arrives
          at the birth of miseries                         and disease
          to harness the sights            of tomorrow.
Our pride             ravages
eradicates            freedoms, and we salute
the blood,                                    bleed American             Flag.



Ahja Fox resides in Aurora, Colorado with her artist husband with whom she creates multimedia pieces. She is an avid reader, dancer, and a researcher of all things morbid and supernatural. Her other passion is acting as Co-host/ Co-partner for Art of Storytelling (a reading series in Denver). You can find her work in The Perch, Progenitor Art & Literary Journal, Short Fiction Break, Arapahoe Pinnacle, and DenverTalks.Org. Ahja describes her love for words as ‘suicide by writing and reading’. She needs art like some people need God. Readers can stay up to date on her reading/performance schedule and publications on Instagram and Twitter at aefoxx.