Restore the course of the world,
orderly and peaceful,
gracious, magnificent.

Celebrate men and women,
mothers and children,
young and beautiful students
with strength and confidence.

Friendship and goodwill –
let it shine.

When you open your heart
there is no room for prejudice.
How good and pleasant it is
when people live together in unity.

Whether we are black or brown or white,
we all bleed the same red blood;
a child in the urban sprawl of Detroit
or the windswept plains of Nebraska
look up at the same night sky,
they fill their heart with the same dreams,
and they are infused with the breath of life.

Hear these words:
Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams,
courage and goodness and love
will forever guide us along the way.


Jenny Doughty is originally British but has lived in Maine since 2002. She is a former English teacher, and education adviser to Penguin Books in the UK. In the United States, her poems have been featured in journals including Naugatuck River Review, Four Way Review, The Aurorean, and an anthology of contemporary Quaker poetry, Gathered. Her first poetry collection, Sending Bette Davis To The Plumber, will be published by Moon Pie Press in September 2017.