Lady in Blue

Lady in blue
today you wear the color of the land
the challenges, the hardships of America
will be borne by the people
whose day is today…
the forgotten ones
with their dreams of success
watch our country disappear over the horizon
for them.

Lady in blue
on the bedrock of loyalty and unity,
solidarity at its strongest,
the people are led
to believe that if they dream big,
think big,
and build big
they will be strong, wealthy, and great
once again.

Lady in blue
it is you and yours
who offer protection to the forgotten
who arrive at this hour
with empty talk
full of action
so all the children look up
and fill their hearts with dreams
of yours.

Lady in blue
married to the voice
of false hope
everyone is listening
to the unstoppable American carnage
may Old wisdom
never forget
the redness of blood
being spilt.


Willow lives in the Low Country of South Carolina and is a thirsty, pliable poet and storyteller deeply rooted upon the bank of Patiently Awaiting Publishing Dreams. You can visit her at