Citizens of the world:

For years, we will face challenges.
We will confront hardships
but gather peaceful power,
gracious and magnificent,
giving it back to you;
share wealth, jobs;
celebrate families all.

We share one home,
refusing to decay other countries,
rich strength over the horizon
redistributed across the future.

We let you down,
but we will bring back dreams
of friendship and goodwill
and seek to shine
from the bedrock of our heart,

God’s people united.


Morrow Dowdle is a writer living in Hillsborough, North Carolina. She attended Emerson College’s MFA program in creative writing and has published poetry in a variety of journals, including The Schuylkill Valley JournalRiver Poets Quarterly, and APIARY. More recently, she has been creating graphic novels with her artist husband, Max Miller Dowdle, including the recently released An Unlikely Refugee. When not at her writing desk, Morrow practices as a psychiatric physician assistant.